The Upper West Side Extraordinaire
Betsy Shulman is a long time resident of the UWS and second existing member of the Benterprise team. She is always eager to learn and has truly found a calling in dog care. Starting her first walk at 7am every day, Betsy has fully taken to the idea of offering an unprecedented level of service. Her knowledge of the neighborhood, combined with an eagerness to meet new dogs has created a fantastic walker.

The Brains
Robert Niosi graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Finance and Economics. He moved to NYC to join the corporate world, but quickly realized that was not a long term lifestyle he was looking to purse. After leaving his job as an analyst at a hedge fund he sought a new pace of life and started walking dogs. A couple years later he has joined Benterprise to help maintain the high quality of service we strive to provide all our pet owners.

The Communicator
Brandon Brown an upper west side local and good friend of Ben, jumped on the opportunity to help manage Benterprise. Brandon is a great communicator and makes every dog parent he interacts with feel comfortable and safe. He goes out of his way to make sure every need our clients have are met to the best of his abilities. Talking to new dogs and their owners on the street is one of his favorite parts of the job.










The Expert

Kacey Czosnowski has been caring for dogs in Manhattan for many years.  She has walked in many different neighborhoods developing a stellar reputation everywhere she goes.  Formerly running her own dog care route, dedication and love of dogs are two of the top qualities that make Kacey the dream care taker for any dog parent.

The Man of Many Animals
Dennis Regan has lived on the UWS for many years. He has made his home on 75th one that is open to animals of all varieties. Recently he has adopted a miniature schnauzer, Cindy, who has befriended his parrot. Dennis is a retired professional who has found his second calling in dog care. He can be seen walking in his fully equipped rock climbing gear, which has redefined the meaning of safe walking.

The Muscle
Eric Rios is a retired firefighter with the FDNY who has been living on the UWS for many years. He has grown up with dogs his whole life and his love of physical activity makes him a perfect fit to be a dog walker. Eric loves to chat with pet parents about their pups, his enthusiasm to get to know each and every dog that joins Benterprise is quite contagious.




The Transplant

Camryn Hutchinson moved to NYC from Chicago to pursue performing arts.  She has always owned dogs and fell in love with dog walking.  Her calm and cool attitude helps keep her furry friends at ease.  Being a dancer walking many miles a day is a breeze and she looks forward to helping care for the UWS community.